White, no sugar. But why?

I love tea. I love the way a cup of tea can be something that makes you feel better, something that calms you down, something that wakes you up, something you have every day and something you use to celebrate a particular occasion. Something that goes with breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner. Something you can safely offer strangers like the plumber and they won’t look funny at you. Something worth colonising a new territory for, and something to sink to make a point to those who colonised you.

But it’s also something we seem to have lost the value of. We scorch a teabag full of dust rather than leaves with hot water, swirl it around twice in the mug, add a drop/splash/generous serving of milk, perhaps a spoonful of sugar and call the job done.

I’m on a mission to make all my readers (no matter how few) fall in love with tea again. To help them discover that there is more than the dust of a teabag behind a satisfying cuppa.

Why? Because I’ve done it before. I’ve helped reluctant builder’s tea drinkers discover the surprising cosiness of a Milk Oolong. And there’s nothing more satisfying to me than seeing their excitement and informed decision-making when faced with a tea menu now.

How? By giving you passionate and genuine reviews and advice. I’m going to share everything I know. I used to work for a famous tea retailer in England and I have an insatiable thirst and curiosity for everything tea. But I also know that those in the know tend to be too stuck up in their descriptions of brews. A bit like wine enthusiasts, I guess.

I promise none of that ‘on the nose’ and ‘on the palate’ nonsense. I promise perhaps subjective, but honest opinions. I promise you’re going to see tea in a whole new light. And you’re going to love it!


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