17 reasons why we drink tea

In my first post, I explained to you why I’m so passionate about tea. But as autumn settles in and I find myself craving hot drinks even more than usual, I’ve started thinking more about the role tea plays in our life. I’m probably biased, but I really do think that no other drink in the world has such an important and universal role, across cultures and countries.

So, why do we have a cuppa?

  1. Baby, it’s cold outside
  2. When we have a cold

giphy cold

3. When we wake up and there is nothing like an English Breakfast

4. Because it’s bed time and a chamomile tea will help you sleep


  1. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon, as it’s the perfect excuse for a break
  2. When we’re sad

cheer up

  1. When the stress is getting to us

tea angry

  1. When we’re happy
  2. When we want to celebrate, few things are better than afternoon tea
  3. When someone else is sad, you offer them a cup of tea
  4. Because boiling the kettle brings us together to chat
  5. If our tummies are upset, a mint tea can do wonders
  6. When we have guests and we’d like to offer them something
  7. If the gardener, plumber or builder has been working hard and you want to reward them and give them a break
  8. Nothing says walk around town to see the shops then with a cup of tea in your hand
  9. When a herbal remedy can help heal your body – like strawberry leaf tea can aid reduce stomach acid
  10. Because it’s cosy to hold a warm cup and drink your favourite tea.

cosy tea

Can you think of more reasons? Write a comment and I’ll add them to the list! With all the opportunities I listed above, you’d be surprised to learn I do anything apart from drinking tea all day! I do, I just know that tea is my reliable companion.

When do you drink it?


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