Tea review: T2’s new Wakey Wakey with Yerba mate

Aside from just having the most cheerful packaging around, one of T2’s new teas for 2018 named Wakey Wakey puts you in a happy mood with the name and taste (spoiler alert, it’s good!) As I had never had Yerba mate before, I was intrigued to find out more, so I bought a box to try it.

This week the tea review is on location. I thought it would be very fitting to use my T2 maker (which lives at work) to make a batch of Wakey Wakey, so you’ll see a slightly different setting for the review pictures today.

Back to the tea! Yerba mate is actually part of the holly family and it’s a powerhouse of vitamins and goodness. But don’t start brewing your Christmas holly! Although it’s a herb, it actually packs more caffeine than regular tea but less than coffee. The kick comes in a general alertness of the mind rather than jitters so it promises a lot in terms of a coffee replacement. Reading a bit about it, I think I will dedicate a future post to it as it seems to have too many benefits for a single paragraph to bare.

So, how did it do?

Dry leaves: the peppermint is definitely the dominant aroma despite the fact that it only represents 18% of the blend. The dry leaves are bright green with little liquorice root pieces and remind me a bit of a Moroccan Mint blend in size and appearance. It’s probably because Wakey Wakey also has 21.5% green tea in it.

Wakey Wakey t2 dry

Water temperature: 80 degrees Celsius

Amount: 1 teaspoon

Brewing time: 2-3 minutes.

Wet leaves: the scent is very sweet, almost like caramel, undoubtedly coming from the liquorice root. I was very surprised by this as the peppermint is so dominant in the dry mix, but not really present post-brew.

Brew: The first sip greets you with the warmth and cosy herbal taste of green tea and probably the Yerba mate (I need to try it on its own to be sure, but I imagine it’s quite herbal in taste). But before you know it, a refreshing, tingly sensation takes over your mouth to reveal a sweet mint aftertaste. Not so much that it’s overpowering (no one wants to drink toothpaste juice). The aroma is also mostly sweet with hints of mint. No wonder it’s called Wakey Wakey! The blend takes you on a journey of bright and zingy flavours, perfect for a morning cup with a kick! As on the T2 site, this blend will help you “rise, shine and backflip out of bed“.

Wakey Wakey cup of tea

Ready to try it?

As I said above, this is a brand new tea from T2 so they will mostly likely have it on tasting in their stores if you want to sample it for yourself. If you’re reading this later or you don’t have a store nearby, I really recommend it for bright and sunny summer mornings and it might even work as an ice tea.

It’s currently priced at £15 per 120g on their website which would give you about 50-60 cups or two months’ worth of waking up.

Thanks for reading!



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