Tea recipe: matcha roulade

With my birthday this month and a few days spent on holiday in Guernsey, I haven’t had as much time to be experimenting with tea recipes in my own kitchen. So I am sharing a bit of a ‘cheat’ recipe, but a delicious one nonetheless.

Instead of creating something with tea myself, I tried Waitrose’s new morello cherry and matcha roulade. On their Instagram account, they describe it as ‘a Swiss roll for the grownups’.

For those of you reading from abroad, Waitrose is one of the top English supermarkets which is a bit more at the upper end of the scale and a very innovative chain. They are also one of the most environmentally friendly supermarkets, which is really important to me, but I digress! And before you think so, no, I am not paid to promote them, I’m just a big fan 🙂

Does it taste nice?

At the end of the day, the success of any recipe depends on taste and texture. And I’m pleased to report that Waitrose’s new matcha roulade delivers. I suspect a similar recipe to theirs would be just as delicious if you don’t have one in your country.

The combination of earthy, creamy matcha works really well in contrast with the sweet and sour taste of the cherries. And the cream in the middle just binds the flavours really well. The sponge does retain some of the matcha tea flavour but don’t expect loads because of the sugar will take some of the bitterness away. The visual effect of the bright green, white and red make it a great centrepiece for a small dinner party or a light addition to a picnic. Honestly, as the matcha brings down the sweetness just a little bit without taking too much away, it makes it very easy to have seconds…and thirds…! Me and my husband were pretty much fighting over the last piece.

Fancy trying it?

You can find it in Waitrose stores priced at £4 or I have even managed to find some recipes online. Like this white chocolate matcha roulade from Olive magazine. Or this strawberry version from The Little Epicurean. I will definitely try to make it at home and see how it compares because the flavours have really won me over.

Have you ever tried using matcha in cake? Please share your experience, thoughts and recipes with me in the comments.

Until next time,