Your gut bacteria love tea and here’s why

There is increasing talk in the foodie press and online about the importance of keeping your gut bacteria healthy and the effect it has on your body. In fact, gut bacteria can influence when you get hungry, your food sensitivities, your immune system, skin conditions and more. It’s actually pretty incredible and I find the research being done in this area really exciting.

But I know you’re here to read about tea, so I won’t go into too much detail for the moment, apart from telling you how tea can help.

Feeding gut bacteria with tea

There are two ways to improve your gut bacteria. You can eat prebiotics to introduce more types of bacteria in your body and probiotics to feed the bacteria that you have. Tea has flavonoids which are a type of phytonutrient which protect plants from bacteria and it can protect us from the bad types of bacteria. Kombucha is a type of fermented tea which can help introduce new strains of bacteria in your gut so it’s a prebiotic.

Is any tea good?

Kombucha can be made from black or green tea so it’s not made using fresh leaves, the secret is in the brewing of tea you probably already have. You can make kombucha at home but I would recommend you try it first! Health and organic shops often have it or you can order it at Ocado. I’ve tried it at Daylesford and Buford Garden Centre cafe. Let’s just say it’s not everyone’s cup of tea (pun intended, sorry!).

kombucha ocado
You can buy this Pro Fusion Kombucha from Ocado for £2.79

If you do like it, Great British Chefs have a recipe but you will need to buy something called scabby which you can find online (it’s the bacteria that will help the tea ferment).

If not, just keep drinking green and/or black tea because antioxidants will help keep away the bad bacteria. And the flavonoids in tea also help to alleviate inflammation, allergies and infection as well as help our bodies recover from yo-yo dieting. Other foods that have flavonoids are cocoa, red wine, apples and peanuts. But tea does so much more! It’s comforting, calming, invigorating and thirst-quenching.

Is gut bacteria you want me to write more about? If so, let me know in your comments.

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