Where is the British tea community hiding?

Things have been incredibly busy recently and I must confess that sometimes I feel overwhelmed by social media and online news. So I picked up some magazines and raided my books-to-read pile and drank endless cups of soothing, flavoursome tea without really documenting any of that. Sometimes we all need a break, but I think the current generations struggle a bit with taking one.

Anyway, I’ve noticed something since I started this blog. There are a lot of people VERY passionate about tea worldwide, but I didn’t expect to find this many people and brands. Australians are bringing down borders with the fabulous brand T2. A few of my favourite bloggers are Mel Hattie and Lu Ann (The Cup of Life) and they are from Canada.

Michele is an Italian in love with tea, taking the most beautiful pictures and sharing them on Instagram.

Innovators like Pique Tea are trying to make tea more accessible to the American market without relying on cheap sugar-based products like the popular ‘ice tea’, which isn’t actually tea.

You get the point!

Tea bloggers, let’s meet!

Living in a nation famous for drinking tea, I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of the British tea community. I’d love to be able to meet bloggers in person and spend hours chatting about the differences between Tie Kuan Yin and a Taiwanese Oolong. Or share book recommendations. And I’d love to know what smaller tea brands are doing in the market. One of my favourite brands is Jeeves & Jericho from my town, Witney, in beautiful Oxfordshire. Although Fortnum & Mason will always be my ‘mothership’ 😁😍

I’m reaching out to you blogosphere! I’d love for British tea bloggers to shout ‘follow me’ and I will. And I’d like to meet you if I can.

Until next time,



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