Tea review: BRUU’s Coconut Green tea blend

I was very fortunate to get a three month subscription to BRUU’s tea delivery service for my birthday from my work colleagues. It’s a bit like Graze, but for tea. Every month you get a box in the post which contains 3 teas to try and then you get to rate them. And if you don’t like one, at least you’re not left with a whole tin of it!

I was super excited to receive my first box and try something new. Not that my cupboard isn’t bursting with tins and blends but you know, you can never have too much tea! It’s a bit like wine, one for every occasion: daily morning brew, afternoon brew, weekend breakfast teas, special celebration teas, etc. I’m sure I’m not the only one 😁

Anyway, the first review I will share with you is that of Coconut Green which was my favourite from the selection.

How did it do?

Dry leaves: the blend has a really strong sweet coconut aroma (obviously!), but I can also detect notes of chocolate even though the blend doesn’t contain any. It definitely smells like a treat, maybe even a bit like a Bounty or a Mrs Crimble’s chocolate macaroon.

coconut green bruu dry leaves

Water temperature: the packet recommends 80 degrees and I agree for a green tea

Brewing time: you’re instructed to brew it for 1-2 minutes, I think even 3 minutes should do the trick in case you forget!

Wet leaves: the blend retains the coconut aroma but it’s a bit more subdued, leaving space for the green tea to make its appearance. However, I’m surprised that for a Sencha, the aroma is more fresh herbaceous than cooked vegetables which you normally find with this type of tea. Now that the leaves have rehydrated, they look a bit chopped and broken.

coconut green bruu wet leaves

Brew: despite the appearance of the wet leaves, the tea is actually very smooth. It feels light, flowing and the natural sweetness of the coconut lifts the Sencha. This makes a great choice for those new to green tea.

coconut green bruu tea

Ready to try it?

You can buy teas from the BRUU website directly even if you don’t have the subscription. This one is currently priced at £5.95 for 50g and I think it would also make a good ice tea.

On this occasion I’d be really interested to know if anyone else has tried the BRUU box? Or any other tea service at all? I’d love to hear your opinions!

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