Ice tea review: strawberry milkshake from BRUU

As you can tell from the title, this is not your usual tea review. It’s a special summer edition for those of you who want a refreshing, cold drink with lots of flavour but without lots of sugar! (or in this case, none at all)

Having recently started a gut makeover plan to improve my health, I had to give up sugar for a month. I know, the thought of it seems impossible. It even seemed impossible to me and I would usually only have treats with sugar at the weekend. and maybe on a Friday evening. But actually, the first week of giving up sugar is the worst and then your body miraculously doesn’t crave it anymore. It’s because those cravings come from your bad bacteria which loooooove sugar. But that’s a story for another time.

I’m glad that this diet has pushed me to have ice tea more and, as you may have noticed from my previous post my new T2 jug makes it even easier to make ice tea.

How did the strawberry milkshake do as an iced brew?

Before I tell you, I need to say that if you’re just getting started with ice tea or you’re looking for that sweet drink replacement, you should go for a herbal fruity blend. Having what I would call ‘proper tea’ (black, green, etc.) cold usually brings out the tannins so you’d have to add some honey, sugar or whatever sweet syrup you prefer to make it palatable.

Dry leaves: BRUU’s strawberry milkshake is a herbal blend made with Rooibos (or Red Bush), strawberry pieces and raspberry leaf so it’s caffeine free and it smells incredible. The sweetness of the berries really comes through in the aroma, with just a hint of the woody smell which is characteristic of a Rooibos.

Brewing instructions: on the packet, BRUU recommends 2-3 minutes at 100 degrees. But as I wanted a bit more kick so it doesn’t lose the taste when I add ice cubes, I brewed it for about an hour. You can even do it overnight with herbal teas really! But only if you’re making ice tea otherwise you might end up with a brew that’s too strong when you have it hot.

Quantity: 10 teaspoons for a 1.2 litre jug. Again, this is stronger than your usual brew because of the ice added later that will dilute the taste.

Infusion: this ice tea sure delivers on taste. The Rooibos flavour is a lot more robust than the initial aroma from the leaves but you can still taste the strawberry too. Not sure where the milkshake part of it is meant to come in, but I enjoyed it as a cold brew with just a hint of sweetness. I added sliced strawberries and mint and served it with ice. Doesn’t it look a bit like Pimms?

strawberry milkshake ice tea

Ready to try it?

If you want to give it a go, you can find it on the BRUU website, priced at £5.95 for 50g. As all my reviews, they are my honest opinion and they not sponsored, so you could use a similar blend from a different company if you prefer but I can only describe what I’ve tried myself.

Share your ice tea pics, questions and adventures with me @whiteduckling on Instagram and Twitter.

Until next time,



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