Tea review: Jeeves and Jericho’s Passionfruit Ceylon

It was a warm summer Saturday morning and I was up early preparing some lemon curd butterfly cakes for hosting my first ever afternoon tea (more on that in another post!). All of a sudden, the postman rang the doorbell and I was beyond excited to see that he had a parcel from Jeeves and Jericho for me.

You see, after my review of Big Red Robe, they got in touch to see whether I would want to try their ice tea range. As I’m already a fan of their teas, there was no way I was going to say no. I will review all four teas, but as soon as I had my first sip of the Passionfruit Ceylon, I just HAD to share it with all of you.

Passionfruit Ceylon Jeeves and Jericho review

How did it do?

Dry leaves: the first aroma is that of passionfruit with a sweet kick, but it is quickly followed by a slightly smoky wood scent. The aromas certainly complement each other well.

Brewing instructions: I’ve tried this both as a hot tea and an ice tea. I was a bit nervous for the ice tea as it was my first time doing a cold brew, as opposed to brewing a very strong hot tea and then cooling it down with ice. I followed the instructions of leaving the leaves to infuse for 4 and a bit hours (it says 4-6 hours on the packaging). For the hot brew, I infused it for 5 minutes with boiling water (100 degrees).

Quantity: 1 tsp or about 2g for a teacup and 10 teaspoons for 1.2 litres of cold water for the ice tea.

Infusion: The liquor is a gorgeous bronze colour, a bit like dark honey. Flavour-wise, the hot tea starts with a subtly sweet passionfruit taste, a bit citrusy as a first layer, followed by the light dried herbaceous and woody taste of a Ceylon. The tea flows really well with no bitterness. I am already pretty impressed by the balance of flavours by this point.

Jeeves and Jericho Passionfruit Ceylon

As I said, I was a bit nervous about the ice tea as it was my first cold brew and I know cold black tea can be really bitter. Oh my, how wrong I was! Cold brewing this Passionfruit Ceylon somehow makes it sweeter, smoother and even more of a treat as an ice tea. I didn’t sweeten it as suggested but I never sweeten teas. But I guarantee it goes splendidly with a lemon curd butterfly cake!

Ready to try it?

If you like a light black tea blend that adds a natural sweetness but respects the quality of Ceylon and allows it to remain the star of the show, Passionfruit Ceylon is the tea for you. I’m not saying this because I was given the tea to try, but honestly, I think I may have found a new favourite.

If you live in Oxfordshire, you can find Jeeves and Jericho teas in selected cafés or you can shop online. On their website, Passionfruit Ceylon is £6 for 100g of loose leaves. I cannot wait to try the others!

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Until the next sip,



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