The best scones I ever had

Happy Afternoon Tea Week! This last year has flown by, I can’t believe we’re here again. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love a good afternoon tea: the china, the ceremony, the food, the tea and simply taking time to enjoy your company and surroundings. So what better way to celebrate our wedding anniversary?

I’d been gifted Champagne afternoon tea for my birthday at the Covent Garden Hotel in London and little did I know I was about to come across the best scones EVER! A great crust and colour on the outside with the softest, puffiest crumb inside. If anyone has the recipe, please send it my way!

The food was exquisite

Starting with a traditional selection of sandwiches (ham, cucumber, etc.), I was pleasantly surprise by the super soft white with crackling poppy seeds and the fact that the salmon sandwich was actually on half of a mini bagel. Tasty AND cute!

I could talk about the scones all day long, coupled with a smooth and thick clotted cream and a choice of raspberry and strawberry jams. And for dessert we had a chocolatey opera cake, macarons, mango tarts with a citrusy creme patissiere and minty chocolate mousse.

The tea

As any place that prides itself on high standards, the Covent Garden Hotel serves loose leaf tea in their teapots which got a first sign of approval from me. The second one came when I tried the vegetal Pure Green Mao Feng. Not at all what I expected, this tea had a subtle floral lingering aftertaste, a bit like jasmine but definitely not as strong. But I must say that it worked really well with our meal.

The place

Covent Garden Hotel is a boutique hotel tucked away in the Covent Garden (as the name suggests) area of London. Its distinct charm comes from the effortlessly luxurious design, showing class without screaming opulence. The service was faultless and it really made me and my husband Michael feel spoiled on our anniversary.

What about you? What are your favourite afternoon tea places? I also love Jane’s Tea Garden which I reviewed last year. Let me know in the comments or you can find me on Twitter and Instagram at @whiteduckling.

Until next time,



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