Autumn is a bit like a cup of tea

As I'm staring out the train window, I think that autumn is not all that bad. Summer is definitely my favourite season with its walks, bike rides, picnics, long days and ice-cold drinks. But it's over yet again and as the leaves of the trees turn a rusty brown, I can't help but think they [...]


Tea review: Jeeves and Jericho’s Passionfruit Ceylon

It was a warm summer Saturday morning and I was up early preparing some lemon curd butterfly cakes for hosting my first ever afternoon tea (more on that in another post!). All of a sudden, the postman rang the doorbell and I was beyond excited to see that he had a parcel from Jeeves and [...]

What tea should I try if I like a normal black tea?

I’ve ran into this situation a lot of times: most people just like their ‘normal’ cup of tea. Of course, everyone has a slightly different ‘normal’ especially when it comes to the amount of milk added. But generally, a ‘normal’ cup is an English Breakfast - a strong tea that you can personalise with milk [...]