Tea review: Ginseng Oolong

This month's review is of a tea that was given to me by a friend who went travelling around China. I didn't really expect a souvenir or present as such, so you can imagine my excitement when he gave me tea from where it all started! Especially as I have a soft spot for Oolongs [...]


Tea review: Milk Oolong 

Now that we've discussed some of the basics of tea and tea equipment, it's time to get into our first review before we move on. No one likes all theory and no fun. The first tea I want to introduce you to is Milk Oolong (or its Chinese and much more difficult to pronounce name [...]

Discovering new teas: white and oolong

In the past two posts, we covered the two most popular types of tea in the Western world: black and green. Although you might not be familiar with them, a full introduction to tea would not be complete without covering white and oolong tea. White tea White teas are the most delicate of teas because [...]