Learning how to make ice tea with T2

It's been 5 days since our ice tea masterclass with T2 in Oxford but I'm still buzzing with excitement and I want to share what I learnt with you! So, if you find yourself feeling a bit hot this summer and you want a drink that is not full of nasties, yet delicious and refreshing, [...]


5 tips to cleaning your tea accessories

I love drinking tea, but like most people I hate the washing up that comes with using anything in the kitchen. When it comes to tea, there are essential things to keep in mind to take care of your tea accessories. 1. Don’t use bleach If you take nothing else away from this post, remember [...]

What tea should I try if I like a normal black tea?

I’ve ran into this situation a lot of times: most people just like their ‘normal’ cup of tea. Of course, everyone has a slightly different ‘normal’ especially when it comes to the amount of milk added. But generally, a ‘normal’ cup is an English Breakfast - a strong tea that you can personalise with milk [...]