Tea review: Jeeves & Jericho’s Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao)

This month's tea review is a very special one. Having a known weakness for Oolong, it didn't take much for my husband to convince me to buy Da Hong Pao on our most recent visit to Jeeves & Jericho, a local tea blender from our town, Witney. I'd never tried it before but the description [...]


Tea review: Ginseng Oolong

This month's review is of a tea that was given to me by a friend who went travelling around China. I didn't really expect a souvenir or present as such, so you can imagine my excitement when he gave me tea from where it all started! Especially as I have a soft spot for Oolongs [...]

What tea should I try if I like a normal black tea?

I’ve ran into this situation a lot of times: most people just like their ‘normal’ cup of tea. Of course, everyone has a slightly different ‘normal’ especially when it comes to the amount of milk added. But generally, a ‘normal’ cup is an English Breakfast - a strong tea that you can personalise with milk [...]